Evil's Cd list.....
Ac/Dc-Back in Black
Adagio-Sanctus Ignis
Angra-Rebirth World Tour Live!(2 cd)
Angra-Hunters and Prey(japanese)
Alcatrazz-Best of
Alkemyst-Meeting in the Mist
Armored Saint-Symbol of Salvation 3 disc(spec. ed.)
Arachnes-Paralell Worlds
Axel Rudi Pell-Shadowlands
Axel Rudi Pell-Nasty Reputation
Axel Rudi Pell-Between the Walls
Axel Rudi Pell-Wizards Chosen Few(2 cd set)
Axxis-Kingdom of the Night
At Vance-The Evil in You
Sebastian Bach & Friends-Bring 'em Bach Alive!
Sebastian Bach & Friends-Bring 'em Bach Alive!(japanese)
Balance of Power-Ten more Tales..
Balance of Power-When the World falls Down
Balance of Power-Perfect Balance
Balance of Power-Heathen Machine
Brainstorm-Soul Temptation
Brainstorm-Metus Mortis
Black Label Society-Sonic Brew
Black Label Society-Stronger than Death
Blackmore's Rainbow-Stranger in Us All
Bangalore Choir-On Target
Blind Guardian-Nightfall on MiddleEarth
Bonfire-Live Over Europe -Golden Nugget
Burning Rain-S/T
Burning Rain-Pleasure to Burn
Burning Point-Salvation by Fire
Lady Blush-S/T(Vanden Plas)
Bob Catley-When Empires Burn
Cacophony-Go Off!
Cacophony-Speed Metal Symphony
Chamber Metal-Neo Classical Metal Guitar
Circle II Circle-Watching in Silence
Chinchilla-The Last Millenium
Crimson Glory-Transcendence
Crimson Glory-Transcendence(remaster)
Cinderalla-Live(bought at a show, rare?..i don't know)
Cold Sweat- Break Out
Cornerstone-Human Stain
Dark Sky-Edge of Time
David Lee Roth-Eat'em and Smile
DC Drive-S/T
Defyance-Transitional Forces(Lance King on vox)
Def Leppard-RetroActive
Def Leppard-Hysteria
Demon's and Wizards-S/T
Deep Purple-Best of 'in the 80's
Driver-S/T(w/ Prophet)
Project:Driver-S/T(rob rock)
Dream Evil-DragonSlayer
Dream Evil-Evilized
Dream Evil Evilized(japanese)
Dream Theater-When Dream and Day Unite
Dream Theater-Images and Words
Dream Theater-Awake
Dream Theater-Falling into Infinity
Dream Theater-Scenes from a Memory
Dream Theater-Making of Scenes from a Memory(2cd's Ytsejam Records)
Dream Theater-6 Degree's of Inner Turbulence
Dream Theater-Once in a Livetime
Dream Theater-Lie (single)domestic
Dream Theater-Lie (single)european
Dream Theater-The Silent Man (single)
Dream Theater-Through her Eye's (single)
Dream Theater-Through her Eye's (japanese single)
Dream Theater-An evening with Jordan Rudess & John Pertucci
Dream Theater-Live Scenes from NY
Dream Theater-Live Scenes from NY sampler(elektra promo)
Dream Theater-Live Scenes from NY(korean box set w/ shirt)
Dream Theater-6 Degree's of Inner Turbulence sampler(elektra promo)
Bruce Dickinson-Tattooed Millionaire
Bruce Dickinson-Skunkworks
Bruce Dickinson-The Chemical Wedding
Bruce Dickinson-Best of(2 disc)
Bruce Dickinson-Scream for me Brazil
Bruce Dickinson-Killing Floor single(japanese)
Bruce Dickinson-Shoot all the Clowns 1 of 2
Bruce Dickinson-Shoot all the Clowns 2 of 2 (extended mix single)
Dark Sky- Edge of Time
Dio-Holy Diver
Dio-Strange Highways
Dio-Killing the Dragon(w/bonus tracks)
Dio-Inferno:Last in Live (2 disc)
Dionysus- Sign of Truth
Dokken-Back in the Streets
Dokken-Beast from the East
Dokken-Breaking the Chains
Dokken-Back for the Attack
Dokken-Erase the Slate
Dokken-Live from the Sun
Dokken-One Live Night(2cd w/Shadowlife)
Dokken-One Live Night
Dokken-The Best of Dokken(japanese)
Don Dokken-Up from the Ashes
Domain-The Artefact
Dungeon-A Rise to Power(spv)
Dungeon-A Rise to Power(metal warriors)
Edguy-Theater of Savlation
Edguy-Savage Poetry
Edguy-Burning Down the Opera(2cd digibook)
Eidolon-Hallowed Apparition
Stephan Elmgrens Full Strike-S/T
Elegy-Primal Instinct
Europe-Definitive Collection(2 disc)
EverGrey-In Search of Truth
EverGrey-Recreation Day(ltd. ed.)
Evidence One-Criticize the Truth
Elias Viljanen-Taking the Lead
Extreme-3 Sides to Every Story
Fiore-Today into Tomorrow
Firewind-Between Heaven and hell
FrontLine-The State of Rock
Frontline-Right Attitude
Lita Ford-The Best of Lita Ford
Fates Warning-The Spectre Within
Fates Warning-Awaken the Guardian
Fates Warning-No Exit
Fates Warning-Night on Brocken(re-issue)
Fates Warning-Night on Brocken
Fates Warning-Chasing Time
Fates Warning-Parallels
Fates Warning-Inside Out
Fates Warning-Perfect Symmetry
Fates Warning-Still Life
Fastway-Trick or Treat
GallowGlass-Legends from Now and Nevermore
Gemini-Out for Blood
Guns n' Rose's-Appetite for Destruction
Guns n' Rose's-Use your Illusion 1
Guns n' Rose's-Use your Illusion 2
Guns n' Rose's-Sympaty for the Devil (single)
Glory Opera-Rising Moanga'
Hammerfall-Legacy of Kings
Hammerfall-Glory to the Brave
Hammerfall-Crimson Thunder
Hammerfall-I Want Out (single)
Hammerfall-Always will be(single)
HardLine-Double Eclipse
Heaven's Edge- S/T
Hericane Alice-Tear Down the House
Helloween-The Dark Box
Holy Mother-Toxic Rain
Gary Hughs-Once and Future King pt.1
Human Fortress-Defenders of the Crown
Iced Earth-Something Wicked...
Iced Earth-Alive in Athen's(2 disc)
Iced Earth-Horror Show-(2 disc)
Iced Earth-Melancholy EP
Iced Earth-Tribute to the Gods
Impellitteri-The Very Best of Impellitteri:Faster than the Speed of Light
Impellitteri-Answer to the Master
Impellitteri-Victim of the System
Impellitteri-Stand in Line/EP
Impellitteri-Crunch/Screaming Symphony 2 cd set
Impellitteri-System X
Impellitteri-Fuel for the Fire(japanese single)
Iron Maiden-Rock in Rio
Iron Maiden-Live at Donnington(2 disc)original issue
Iron Maiden-Lord of the Flies(single)
Iron Maiden-Run to the Hills(charity single)album art cover
Iron Maiden-Run to the Hills(charity single)live pic cover
Iron Maiden-Invasion of Rarities(soundhouse tapes and more)
Iron Maiden-Infinite Dreams(10th ann. singles)#10
Iron Maiden-First 10 Years #9(single)
Iron Maiden-First 10 Years #8(single)
Iron Maiden-First 10 Years # 7(single)
Iron Maiden-First 10 Years #6(single)
Iron Maiden-First 10 Years #5(single)
Iron Maiden-First 10 Years #1(single)2 copies
Iron Maiden-High Vaultage(westwood one radio cd)
Iron Maiden-Futureal(single)
Iron Maiden-WickerMan (single)ltd. edition clear 2 copies
Iron Maiden-WickerMan (single)
Iron Maiden-Out of the Silent planet single
Iron Maiden-S/T
Iron Maiden-Killers
Iron Maiden-Piece of Mind
Iron Maiden-The Number of the Beast
Iron Maiden-PowerSlave
Iron Maiden-Somewhere in Time
Iron Maiden-Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
Iron Maiden-No Prayer for the Dying
Iron Maiden-Fear of the Dark
Iron Maiden-Virtual XI
Iron Maiden-Brave New World
Iron Maiden-Ed Hunter box set
Iron Maiden-Silver Box set(rare bbc stuff)
Iron Maiden-Best of the Beast(original box)2 copies
Iron Maiden tribute-Transylvania 666(locomotive records)
Jester-Tales from the Boogieman
Jorn Lande-World Changer
Joshua-Intense Defense
Judas Priest-Machine Man (single)
Judas Priest-MeltDown LIVE 98'
Judas Priest-73' to 93'
Judas Priest tribute- Delivering the Goods Vol.1
Judas Priest tribute- Delivering the Goods Vol.2
Kiss-Double Platinum
Kiss-Creatures of the Night
Kiss-Smashes,Thrashes, and Hits
Kiss-The Elder
Kiss-Psycho Circus (single)
Laudamus-Lost in Vain
Lillian Axe-Double Live
LiveSay-Darkest Hour
Loudness-Soldier of Fortune
Lynch Mob-S/T
Lynch Mob- Wicked Sensation
Lions Share-Perspective2 cd(first 2 albums)import
Lions Share-Fall from Grace
Lions Share- Entrance
Magnitude 9-Chaos to Control
Magnitude 9-Reality in Focus
Majestic-Abstract Symphony
Majestic-Trinity Overture
Megadeth-Countdown to Extinction
McQueen Street-S/T
Michael Angelo-No Boundaries
Michael Angelo-Planet Gemini
MVP-The Altar
Mystic Prophecy-Vengeance
Mystic Prophecy-Regressus+2(japanese)
Mystic Prophecy-Regressus(european)
Vinnie Moore-Minds Eye
Vinnie Moore-Time Odyssey
Vinnie Moore-MeltDown
Vinnie Moore-Defying Gravity
Vinnie Moore-Guitar Techniques(magazine promo)
Metallica-And Justice for All
Metallica-Master of Puppets
Metalium-Hero Nation chapter 3
Motley Crue- Decade of Decadence
Motley Crue-Greatest Hits
Motley Crue-Dr. FeelGood
Moon Dog Mane-Turn it Up(Frank Hannon/Tesla)
Supreme Majesty-Divine Enigma
MasterPlan-Enlighten Me (single)
Yngwie Malmsteen-The Yngwie Malmsteen Collection(2 copies)
Yngwie Malmsteen-Rising Force(original)
Yngwie Malmsteen-The 7th Sign(original)
Yngwie Malmsteen-Odyssey(original)
Yngwie Malmsteen-Trilogy(original)
Yngwie Malmsteen-Eclipse
Yngwie Malmsteen-Magnum Opus
Yngwie Malmsteen-Inspiration
Yngwie Malmsteen-Inspiration(re-issue)
Yngwie Malmsteen-Fire and Ice
Yngwie Malmsteen-Facing the Animal
Yngwie Malmsteen-Facing the Animal(Korean)
Yngwie Malmsteen-Concerto Suite Electric guitar in E flat minor
Yngwie Malmsteen-Concerto Suite Electric guitar in E flat minor(korean)
Yngwie Malmsteen-Rising Force..War to End all Wars
Yngwie Malmsteen-Best of 1990-1999
Yngwie Malmsteen-Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force ...Alchemy
Yngwie Malmsteen- Live! in Brasil
Missa Mercuria-S/T
MVP-The Altar
Nitro- Nitro II H.W.D.W.S.
Nightwish-Century Child
Rolf Munkes-No More Obscurity
Nocturnal Rites-Shadowland
Nocturnal Rites-Tales of Mystery and Imagination
John Norum-Worlds Away
John Norum-Another Destination
Nostradamus-Words of Nostradamus
Ted Nugent-Great Gonzo
Ted Nugent-Spirit of the Wild
Ted Nugent-Double Live Gonzo
Ted Nugent-Full Bluntal Nugity
Odins Court-S/T(demo)
October Thorns-S/T (demo)
Pagans Mind-Celestial Entrance
Ian Parry's Consortium Project-S/T
Ian Parry's Consortium Project-Continuum in Extremis
Pegazus-The Headless Horseman
Picasso Trigger-T.K.O.
Picasso Trigger-Determination
Pride and Glory-S/T
Pyn Siren-Slave to your Master
Psyco Drama-The Illusion
Pink Floyd-The Wall
Pink Cream 69-Electrified
Pink Cream 69-Sonic Dynamite
Pink Cream 69-Endangered
Pink Cream 69-Mixery
Phantoms Opera-S/T(reissue)
Phantoms Opera-S/T
Prog Power 3 Showcase sampler
Prog Power 4 Showcase sampler
Power of Omens-Rooms of Anguish
Queensryche-EP (remastered)
Queensryche-The Warning
Queensryche-The Warning (remastered)
Queensryche-Rage for Order
Queensryche-Rage for Order (remastered)
Queensryche-Operation Mindcrime/Queen of the Reich(AxeKiller records)
Queensryche-Operation Mindcrime(box set)
Queensryche-Operation Mindcrime
Queensryche-Operation Livecrime
Queensryche Empire(24k gold disc)
Queensryche-Silent Lucidity(single)
Queensryche-Promised Land
Queensryche-Hear in the Now Frontier
Queensryche-Sign of the Times(single)
Queensryche-Greatest Hits
Queensryche-Live Evolution
Quiet Riot-Metal Health
Quiet Riot-The Randy Rhoads Years
Quiet Riot-Down to the Bone
Quiet Riot-Alive and Well
Ratt-81' to 91'
Racer X-Second Heat
Racer X-Technical Difficulties
Racer X-SuperHeroes
Racer X-SnowBall of Doom Live at the Whiskey
Rush-Exit Stage Left
Rush-Test for Echo
Rush-Different Stages Live
Seven Wishes-Utopia
Seven Witches-Xiled to Infinity and One
Seven Witches-Passage to the Other Side
Supreme Majesty-Divine Enigma
Joe Stump-Guitar Dominance
Joe Stump-2001:A Shred Odyssey
Joe Stump-Night of the Living Shred
Joe Stump-Rapid Fire Rondo
Joe Stump-Supersonic Shred Machine
Joe Stump's Reign of Terror-Second Coming
Joe Stump's Reign of Terror-Sacred Ground
Joe Stump's Reign of Terror-Conquer and Divide
Silent Force-Empire of Future
Silent Force-Infatuator
Skid Row-S/T
Skid Row-Slave to the Grind
Skid Row-B-side Ourselves
Stratovarius-Fright Night
Stryper-Against the Law
Stryper-To Hell with the Devil(enigma)
Stryper-In God We Trust
Stryper-7 The Best of Stryper
Symphorce-Phorceful Ahead
Symphony X-S/T
Symphony X-Twilight in Olympus
Symphony X-The Damnation Game
Symphony X-The Divine Wings of Tragedy
Symphony X-V
Symphony X-The Odyssey(ldt. edition)2 copies
Symphony X-Prelude to the Millenium(korean)
Symphony X-Prelude to the Millenium(japanese)
Symphony X-Prelude to the Millenium(japanese)Reissued 2002
Symphony X-Live on the Edge of Forever
Symphony X-(Michael Romeo)-The Dark Chapter
Sykes-20th Century
Scorpions-Savage Amusement
Slaughter-Back to Reality
Spinal Tap-Break like the Wind
Saigon Kick-The Lizard
Twisted Sister-Big Hits and Nasty Cuts
Usm-United Sates of Mind
Vanden Plas-The God Thing
Vanden Plas-Colour Temple
Vanden Plas-Colour Temple(special edition)2 cd
Vanden Plas-Spirit of Live(domestic)
Vanden Plas-Spirit of Live(import)
Vanden Plas-Accult
Vanden Plas-Far Off Grace
Vanden Plas-I Don't Miss You(single)
Steve Vai-Alien Love Secrets
Steve Vai-Sex and Religion
Valley's Eve-Deception of Pain
Vanishing Point-Tangled in Dream
Vinnie Vincent Invasion-S/T
Vinnie Vincent Invasion-All Systems Go
Vision Divine-Send Me an Angel
Warrant-The Best of Warrant
Warrant-Rockin Tall
Warrant-Dog Eat Dog
WhiteSnake-Slip of the Tongue
WhiteSnake-Greatest Hits
WhiteSnake-The Very Best of Whitesnake
Warlock- Triumph and Agony
War and Peace-Light at the End of the Tunnel
John West-Earth Maker
WinterLong-The Coming
Zakk Wylde-Book of Shadows(original)
Zakk Wylde-Book of Shadows(reissue)